Characters in Act 3

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  • Titania
  • The Clowns:
  • Bottom
  • Quince
  • Snout
  • Starveling
  • Snug
  • Flute
  • Robin a.k.a. Puck
  • Oberon
  • Peaseblossom
  • Cobweb
  • Mote
  • Mustardseed
  • Demetrius
  • Lysander
  • Helena
  • Hermia
  • Indian Boy

Act 3 Scene 1

  • The laborers unwittingly choose to rehearse in the glade where Titania is sleeping.
  • As the labourers rehearse, Puck turns Bottom’s head into an ass’s head. The other laborers, terrified, and run away.
  • Titania wakes, sees Bottom, and falls in love with him.

Act 3 Scene 2

  • Oberon and Puck observe Hermia and Demetrius arguing. Hermia thinks Demetrius must have hurt Lysander, who is missing. Hermia runs off. Demetrius stays behind and goes to sleep. Oberon realizes Puck’s mistake and sends Puck to find Helena. Meanwhile, he puts the love juice on Demetrius’s eyes.
  • Helena enters, with Lysander trailing after her. Demetrius wakes and falls in love with Helena. Helena thinks they’re both mocking her.
  • Hermia enters. Lysander insults her, and Hermia thinks that Helena has stolen Lysander from her.
  • Demetrius and Lysander start to duel and run offstage. Hermia chases Helena offstage.
  • Puck uses his magic to keep the lovers apart in the forest. Oberon, meanwhile, goes to get the changeling back from Titania.
  • Puck uses his magic to trick the lovers into all ending up into the same glade and to fall asleep without seeing each other. He uses the love juice on Lysander.
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