Comrades, our Windmill has fallen in the night and crushed our crop but not our spirits. Our great leader, Napoleon, has discovered the treacherous Snowball, like an owl, has come in the night and under the cover of the wicked storm and laid waste to our marvel of work. Do not fear comrades, this heinous evil we know has Snowball will not last long.

Our gracious leader, Napoleon, has begun a full investigation to track down this deceitful traitor and will drown him in his own vile blood.  All those who resist will be crushed before the all mightily power of Animal Farm. Do not donter my comrades, this is only a minor setback in our glorious leader’s plan for our utopia. We will build a new windmill, a more magnificent windmill like a mountain from the earth, it will stand taller than the eye can see.

It will be twice a tall, and three times thicker; those around us will marvel in the power of Animal Farm and be drawn to their knees by our display of omnipotence. We cannot give in comrades for that is what they want, the humans, Snowball, are scared and jealous of our supremacy of the land we tile, do not show weakness comrades.

We must never allow a human to oppress us ever again; the great Old Major would never wanted us to give in to the fascist rule of Mr. Jones’, can you not see how much better we are without the leash around our neck; we work for no one but ourselves comrades, NO ONE! Hold no fear for the coming months, we pigs have many plans to make the farm the pinnacle of existence in this otherwise decrypted world. Our unquestioned leader, Napoleon, has made the mother farm a republic, and we pigs on your behalf have elected him president, and he has humbly accepted this prestigious honor.

We have also canceled Sunday debates for these bring unneeded interruptions in Napoleon’s great plan, instead, we pigs will decide what is best for the farm and hold your interest in the best of heart. It has also come to our attention that a rumor is circulating that we pigs now sleep with sheets in Mr. Jones’ old bed, drink wine from his cellar, and hover like an underlying fragrance throughout the farm but do no work and I must assure you all are lies and slander.

We pigs are no different than you comrades and our big brains are used for the better of the mother farm though you may not see it. Our intentions are as clear as the water you drink from, all are equal and trust me we have worked as hard as you to make this farm as glorious as it is now and we expect nothing less from you as we do from ourselves.

Push forward comrades and stay dutiful for we have reclaimed the freedom that is rightfully ours. Tension hovers around our farm like a thick fog but the rain of justice will fall and soon cleanse the earth and animals everywhere will rise up as we have and take their freedom as well. Show strength, show courage but show no mercy. All hail Animal Farm!

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William Anderson (Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team)
William completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in 2013. He current serves as a lecturer, tutor and freelance writer. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, walking his dog and parasailing. Article last reviewed: 2022 | St. Rosemary Institution © 2010-2024 | Creative Commons 4.0


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