• Is this a cheap energy resource to use?
  • Are the start up costs minimal or large?
  • Are the operation costs minimal or large?
  • Does there need to be more research?
  • Availability and Accessibility


  • Is this energy resource one we can harness now?
  • Is it in the research process?
  • Is there lots of supply to meet our growing energy demands?


  • What do we need to do to harness this energy?
  • Is it a difficult/easy energy source to get to or to capture?
  • Technology involved / Locally or not-locally available

Technology Involved

  • Do we have the technology to harness the energy resource?
  • Do we need to develop new technology in order to use it?
  • Locally or Not Locally Available
    • Can we use the energy resource here in Mississauga?

Efficiency/ Environmental Impact

  • How much energy do we get from the energy resource compared to how much energy we could potentially get from the resource
  • This will be expressed as a percentage or as high, medium or low efficiency
  • Environmental Impact
    • What are the environmental impacts of this energy source?  Include impacts that relate to the actual energy source as well as the technology involved
    • This will be a list
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