Table 1 – All Attempted Trials Between The Acid “Unknown B”, And The Base, (NaOh).

TrialInitial Burette Volume Reading (mL)Final Burette Volume Reading (mL)Volume Of Base (Titrant) Added (mL)Success Or Fail
533.3mL39.7mL6.40 mLFailed
*Trial 5 was an outlier: potential contamination or measurement error lead to this result.

Table 2: Successful Titration Trials Between Acid “Unknown B”, And Base, (NaOh), Where Endpoint Was Achieved

Initial Burette Volume Reading (mL)8.20mL16.2mL32.0mL
Final Burette Volume Reading (mL)16.15mL24.0mL39.9mL
Volume Of Base (Titrant) Added (mL)7.95mL7.80mL7.90mL7.88mL

Goal: Find the concentration of acid “Unknown B” if 10mL of acid was neutralized completely with a base solution of sodium hydroxide that has a concentration of 0.2 mol/L.


Concentration Of Base NaOH = 0.20 mol/L Average Volume of Base NaOH = 7.88mL Volume of Acid “Unknown B” = 10.0 mL

 Calculating/Solving For The Concentration Of Acid “Unknown B”:


Therefore, the concentration of the unknown acid “Unknown B” is 1.5766 x 10mol/L.

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