As you read through William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, make note of the following items in each chapter.  Make you responses as complete as possible.

Section One:

Chapter 1

How the boys got to the island

Difference of Ralph and Piggy’s attitudes to the island

What precedes the novel

Role of the conch

Attempts to organise new environment

Why jack couldn’t kill

Section Two:

Chapter 2

First indication of fear

Piggy – voice of reason

Fire as a symbol

Chapter 3

Breakdown of discipline

Source of conflict between Ralph and Jack

Section Three:

Chapter 4

Trace changes from morning to evening

Behaviour of lilltluns

Character of Maurice and Roger

Explain “taboo of the old life”

Dazzle paint

Piggy’s baldness

Dead fire

Piggy’s broken glasses

Why Jack and Ralph are on different sides of a high barrier

Section Four:

Chapter 5

Draw the assembly set up

Ralph’s analysis of himself and Piggy

Ralph’s policies

Identify Percival Madison

Simon’s analysis of the beast

How the “understandable and lawful world is slipping away”

Identify “three blind mice”

What is the Beast from the Water

Section Five:

Chapter 6

The signal from the grown-up world

Sam’n’Eric’s terror

Simon’s inner vision of the beast

Chapter 7

Ralph’s statement “Be sucking my thumb next”

Summarize Ralph’s past

Change in Ralph

The game with Robert

Explain “Dentist’s chair unreality” (134)

“Something like a great ape”

Chapter 8

Source of power struggle

Significance of pig’s head

Simon’s inescapable recognition

How head speaks to Simon

Ralph’s mind regresses

Chapter 9

Significance of “flies around the figure too”

Simon as victimized saviour figure

Section Six:

Chapter 10


Importance of “there was something good about a fire”

Purpose of Jack’s attack

Chapter 11

How is the third death on the island different

Breaking of the conch

Chapter 12

Paradox: “they were savages but they were humans”

Describe Ralph’s isolation

Why does Ralph weep

Choice of naval officer as rescuer

The irony of the fire set by Jack’s group

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