Describe: Straightforward. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, and may come off rude sometimes.

Supportive quote: “Is he dead?” “No…” “Then if he’s not dead, you’ve got one, haven’t you?”


Describe: A little shy with showing affection.

Supportive quote: Jem and I found our father satisfactory; he played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment.


Describe: Daredevil who tries to seem like a brave, tough guy.

Supportive quote: Jem wanted Dill to know once and for all that he wasn’t scared of anything.


Describe: Curious and random.

Supportive quote: Thus we came to know Dill as a pocket Merlin, whose head teemed with eccentric plans, strange longings, and quaint fancies.

Boo Radley:

Describe: Rumoured to be a crazy.

Supportive quote: As Mr. Radley passed by, Boo drove the scissors into his parent’s leg, pulled them out, wiped them on his pants, and resumed his activities. (gossip)


Describe: Cares a lot for the Finches.

Supportive quote: “I missed you today,” she said. “The house got so lonesome ‘long about two o’clock I had to turn on the radio.”

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