Part 1

My Cousin Vinny is a film whose events closely compare to the reality of the United States criminal justice system.

The movie provides some set-up events that are similar to the actual procedures within the justice system. For instance, before the arrests, investigations were carried out to identify suspects as it usually happens in reality.

Secondly, there is a lawyer in the courtroom to defend the suspects with his purpose for much the same thing as in the real world.

Thirdly, there is a possibility of appeal as in the real justice system, with the prisoners being granted a chance for another trial. Lastly, the termination of the ruling on the students after the real culprits were identified reflects the same thing that could happen in a real justice system.

On the other hand, while the movie correctly depicts the American legal system, the courtroom procedures are different from reality. One such case is Vinny’s representation of the two defendants by himself. This is contrary to trial regulations, which require one lawyer per defendant.

Vinny also fails to use an argument in his opening statement, which is something unexpected of a lawyer. The opening statement is the argument that forms the basis of a court proceeding (Nahrstadt 68). The district attorney also agrees to give Vinny his case files. Sharing case files is an illegal procedure and unusual in court proceedings.

The court found that the two students were guilty of committing murder. This verdict is shocking considering the apparent duds in the investigation process.

While the cop had no incriminating evidence and was only following his instinct, it is absurd that Vinny could realize that and use it in defending the students.

However, the truth reveals itself, in the end, obliterates Vinny’s ineffectiveness. All in all, My Cousin Vinny is a good movie that can teach a lot about the American justice system and courtroom Proceedings.

Part 2

The plea bargain is a controversial part of the justice process that needs to be abolished. An argument for abolition is on issues of just punishment.

A plea bargain allows criminals to defeat the justice system hence diminishing the respect for fair trials (Malik 6). If eliminated, it would contribute to impartiality in a lawsuit by eradicating negotiation with criminals on the length of the sentence they receive. 

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