In New Guinea, an amazing rainforest arises. 0.5% of the Earth’s surface.  New Guinea rainforest has immense biodiversity, containing new-genuiabetween 5-10% of total species on Earth. Some plants in New Guinea are more than 100,000,000  years old. The lowland rainforests need 2,500 mm of rain each year. Some species like the lowland forests, for birds, it is the opposite for them as they like go to high. The New Guinean rainforests are humid and warm every full year and it rains often. The rainforests are so rich that it takes no time to find food. Only 2% or 3% of sunlight reaches the ground. A plant called the Low’s Pitcher Plant consumes insects.

The Superb Bird of Paradise lives in the New Guinean rainforests. The male is often polygamous. The male chooses a spot for his show and advertises it to a female bird, the Superb Bird of Paradise will now go in a superb mode, an eclipse shaped mode. The female can be either impressed or unimpressed. The dancing skills improve overtime in birds of paradise, it is carried though their DNA. Superb Birds of Paradise eats plants, berries, and small frogs for its diet. The SBP(Superb Bird of Paradise) has a low amount of females. Superb Birds of Paradise are often hunted for its plumes but there is a large amount of SBP’s.

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