The parable of the unmerciful servant is about a servant whose master ordered him to pay back 10 000 talents of money. The servant could not pay the money and asked his master for mercy. The master told him he did not have to pay off the debt. Then another servant who owed the servant, who was spared money, was asked by the spared servant to pay him back. He asked the spared servant for mercy, but was refused. Later, the boss found out about what happened and took the servant he spared and threw him in jail.

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The significant part and moral of the story is to treat other’s the way you want to be treated. The servant who was spared should be understanding and empathetic towards the other servant but instead refuses to forgive his debt. This is a major problem than and is still a major problem in society today. People do not use empathy when dealing with others even though they know they have been in that situation. Jesus was obviously trying to solve that problem through this parable and whoever takes this lesson seriously, learns a lot about life. The story also deals with karma, which is the idea that what goes around comes around. The servant who was spared but did not spare a fellow servant got what he deserved from his master.

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This story teaches us that God will do the same to people like the servant that his master did to him. God gives us everything and all that he asks of us is to thank him and not cause too much trouble. When God forgives us for our sins and we go out and sin again we are essentially recreating what the servant who was spared had done. God just wants us to appreciate everything we give him and not pretend like we do and then disobey him.

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