Animal Mitosis Plant Mitosis
Have centrioles, centrosomes, and asters No centrioles, centrosomes or aster: No Migration of centrioles.
Cell becomes rounded before cell division  No change in shape before cell division
Cell division induced by multiple hormone to start cell division; no known specific cell division hormone.


Cell division induced by specific hormone called cytokinin.




In Telophase, animal cells have a contractile ring made of myosin which contracts to form the two daughter cells.


Plants have a pre-prophase band that consists of actin and microtubules; in prometaphase this band disappears, and is replaced by a phragmoplast during cytokinesis, which is made of actin, myosin and microtubules that forms the cell wall.
Migration of centrioles No migration of centrioles
Furrowing pinching of cytoplasm in cytokinesis. A mid body may form during cytokinesis.




Cell cytokinesis begins with the formation of a cell plate in the center of cell. No furrowing of the cytoplasm in cytokinesis. No formation of mid body.
No cell plate to form in the middle of the cell. Cell plate becomes a new cell wall. Cell plate of cellulose.
Cytokinesis proceeds from the outside inward by the cell membrane pinching in at the center of the cell to make two daughters. Cell plate grows outward and connects to the existing cell wall to divide the cell into two daughters.
Furrow formed between the two daughter cells. Solid, middle lamella develops between the two daughter cells for permanent adhesion.

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