ANTHROPOLOGICAL: The study of human behavior in societies, therefore it is the study of culture, the arts beliefs habits institutions and other endeavours that are characteristic of a specific community, society, or nation.

– studies highlight the diversity of behaviors that fulfill the functional requisites of society.

– ethnocentrism: the tendency to evaluate behavior from the point of view of your own culture

– people will understand that all cultural behavior is invented, and as a result, they will develop an ability to observe their own culture objectively

SOCIOLOGICAL: explains the behavior of individuals in social groups, families, and society.

– investigate social facts, the social sources of behavior that are used to explain rates of behavior.

-studies are more concerned with the patterns of behavior observed in large numbers of people or groups rather than with the behavior of individuals.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: the study of behavior based on mental processes. It’s focus is how the individual thinks.

– use an understanding of mental processes and the characteristic patters of motivation that they call the personality to explain individual behavior.

– also examine how individuals interact and influence one another.

– can be used for micro studies of individual behavior and for macro studies of group behavior

-research is used to help individuals manage their behavior

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