Relaxation is what is expected at Toledo Bend, but this beautiful reservoir is full of surprises. From old fisherman on the lake or jet skiing, this lake is the place to be. Spectacular fishing spots are located by guides on the many tour boats. Hundreds of shallow beaches are open to the public along this man-made reservoir. Toledo Bend is one of the fastest growing resorts in America.  Furthermore, Toledo Bend serves as most of the border between Texas and Louisiana. The lake is peaceful and full of fish waiting to be caught. Toledo Bend is also becoming a peaceful haven for retirees. Community centers are located throughout the lake, especially by the fascinating hydroelectric power plant. Assuredly, to the parents who have young children, many marinas are located along the lakefront. One in particular, is called the J & L Marina. This marina is a child’s dream and a parent’s romance getaway. The marinas are equipped with log cabins, a long stretch of beautiful shore, an arcade, and some even have waterslides. In addition to sports, many golf courses are close to Toledo Bend. One of the favorite championship golf courses is the Toro Hills Golf & Tennis Resort. If golf is not one’s sport, tourists love to ski, swim, or ride bicycles along trails. Playgrounds are located along the lakefront for children to play, while parents love to lay on the magnificent beaches. Finally as night falls, the sunset is truly amazing. A trip to Toledo Bend is not complete without watching the sunset off of a lookout tower or the beach. Relaxing is Toledo Bend’s main specialty. The calm wilderness can soothe a ferocious tiger. This is why Toledo Bend has become one of the fastest growing resorts in America.

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