3 Types of Television Production

  • Live
  • Live-to-Tape
  • Pre-Produced

Live Television Production

  • Live television production is just as it sounds – live.  It is like watching a play.  All mistakes go “to air” and you can not go back and edit what has been broadcast.
  • There are not many live programs anymore, however, sporting events, most news programs and some awards shows are broadcast live.

Live-to-Tape Television Production

  • Live-to-Tape television production is just like broadcasting live but it is pre-recorded.  Most mistakes go “to air” but there may be time to re-shoot a segment or make small edits if there is a major mistake made during recording.
  • Talk shows are the most popular form of Live-to-Tape productions.  It allows for some minor changes and for pre-promotion of the program.

Pre-Produced Television Production

  • Pre-Produced television productions are pre-recorded and edited, much like film productions.  All mistakes can be corrected before the show goes “to air”.  These shows are usually heavily edited and can use multiple settings.
  • Television Dramas are the most popular form of pre-produced productions.  It allows for time to polish a program before it is broadcast.
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