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  1. What treaty did Italy sign with the Allies in 1915?               
  2. What intercepted document led to the USA entering the war in 1917?        
  3. Approximately how long did Romania fight for before making peace?       
  4. In what letters had GB promised independence to the Arabs?                     
  5. In what treaty did GB & France divide the Middle East between them?     
  6. In what document did GB promise Jews a ‘homeland’?                   
  7. What was the name of the peace treaty between Germany and Russia?       
  8. In what month and year were the Fourteen Points published?             
  9. Who wrote the Fourteen Points?                                                               
  10. What right did he want to give to people in Eastern Europe?               
  11. Name any ethnic group denied self-determination at Versailles.                  
  12. What area of Germany did France want to become an independent state?        
  13. What was Britain’s main priority?                                                             
  14. In what year had Germany previously invaded France?                       
  15. What was the name of the international organization established?             
  16. What country wanted this organization to have its own army?            
  17. Who was the British Prime Minister who attended the Peace Conference? 
  18. Who was the French Prime Minister who attended the Peace Conference? 
  19. What number article was the war guilt clause in the treaty with Germany? 
  20. How many troops were Germany restricted to?                               
  21. Name any weapon or vehicle the German army was not allowed.          
  22. What sum was set for the reparations that Germany had to pay?                       
  23. What country was mainly responsible for increasing this amount?               
  24. What territory did Germany have to return to France?                                
  25. What name was given to the territory Germany forfeited to Poland?           
  26. Who opposed this and insisted on Danzig remaining a free city?     
  27. Who wrote The Economic Consequences of the Peace?                               
  28. Why did Germany claim its harsh treatment as a defeated nation was unfair?
  29. Name any Empire in Eastern Europe that collapsed after the war.          
  30. What name was given to the treaty with Austria?                                  
  31. What name was given to the treaty with Hungary?                                       
  32. What name was given to the treaty with Bulgaria?                        
  33. What name was given to the first treaty signed with Turkey?                      
  34. What country lost the most territory due to the treaty?                     
  35. What territory was forfeited by Germany to Denmark?                    
  36. Name any territory forfeited by Austria to Czechoslovakia.                         
  37. Who led the Turkish nationalist opposition to the peace treaty?      
  38. In what crisis did this almost lead to war with GB?                                     
  39. What port was seized by D’Annunzio then Mussolini?                       
  40. What did Italy call the post-war settlement?                                            
  41. Where did France invade in 1923 after Germany did not pay reparations?  
  42. Where was a disarmament conference held from 1921-2?                       
  43. What Greek island did Italy invade in 1923?                                      
  44. In what year was the Dawes Plan agreed?                                           
  45. What treaty led to Germany joining the League of Nations?                       
  46. What treaty was agreed in 1928?                                                                  
  47. What treaty solved differences between GB & USA on cruiser limits?        
  48. What treaty showed that Lloyd-George’s Genoa Conference had failed?    
  49. What Lithuanian city did the League let be occupied by Poland?
  50. What region did the League successfully partition after a plebiscite?
League of Nations: Enforcement of Treaties & Sanctions
Reasons for Hyperinflation in Germany in 1923


  1. Treaty of London
  2. Zimmerman Telegram
  3. 2 years
  4. McMahon-Hussein correspondence
  5. Skyes-Picot
  6. Balfour Declaration
  7. Brest-Litovsk
  8. January 1918
  9. Woodrow Wilson
  10. Right to Self Determination
  11. Sudeten Germans
  12. Rhineland
  13. Its Empire
  14. 1870
  15. The League of Nations
  16. Great Britain
  17. Lloyd-George
  18. Georges Clemenceau
  19. 231
  20. 100,000
  21. Submarine
  22. 6.6 Billion pounds
  23. France
  24. Alcase-Lorraine
  25. Polish Corridor
  26. Britain
  27. Keynes
  28. No other losing countries were treated as harshly
  29. Austro-Hungarian Empire
  30. St.Germain
  31. Trianon
  32. The Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine
  33. The Treaty of Sèvres
  34. Turkey
  35. Schleswig
  36. Bohemia and Moravia
  37. Mustafa Kemal
  38. Chanak
  39. Fiume
  40. Mutilated Victory
  41. Rhineland
  42. Washington D.C
  43. Corfu
  44. 1924
  45. Locarno
  46. Kellogg-Briand
  47. The Washington Naval Treaty
  48. Treaty of Rapallo
  49. Vilnius
  50. Upper Silesia

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