HYDROPONICS derives its name from the Greek HYDRO-PONOS meaning water/labor.  Literally, “Hydroponics” means “Water Work.” There is no soil in a hydroponic garden.  No organic matter is present so nourishment (Nutrient) is not available to the plants in the same was as it is in a soil garden.  Instead, nutrients are added to the water.  So, as plants are watered, they are also fed.  There are many ways to feed and water plants.  The method chosen becomes a “Hydroponic System.”  Common systems are:  Hand watered, recirculating system (With a submersible water pump), gravity fed from a nutrient tank into pots or trays, or a wick system.

A common question is, “What can be grown in hydroponics?”  Surprisingly to some, anything that can be grown in soil can be grown in a hydroponic system!  Flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, vines, and ornamental shrubs.  Everything from Aloe Vera to Zucchinis can be grown in this unique system.

Vitro meat, Hydroponics and Xerophytic adaptations

There are many advantages to using a hydroponic system for growing plants.  The most obvious being that it is easier to control the plant growing environment.  Some others are restricted supply of suitable water, lack of suitable soil, high labor cost of traditional cultivation, high cost of sterilizing soil, and there is a greater reliability and predictability of plant production.  In addition, It’s easy!

Depending on what is being grown, most of the time hydroponic plants require less attention than soil-grown crops.  Because of this, it can relieve some people of the added responsibility that soil-grown plants require.

Telnet: History, Purpose, Advantages, Disadvantages

As one can see, there are many advantages to this system of growing plants.  Since its origination, thousands of companies have sprung up dealing solely with hydroponics and hydroponic equipment.  Maybe someday, when man inhabits outer-space, this method will be the main protocol for growing consumable items.

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