-The story takes place in the early morning, when it’s still dark

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-a lot of cursing (God, Jesus Christ), absurd, shocking

-a lot of alcohol is consumed throughout the play

-Touches on certain taboos (both personal and social)

-Pregnancy before marriage (Nick married Honey because she was pregnant)

-George and Martha’s “son” is also a taboo to talk about

-George and Martha have an odd relationship

-They are constantly fighting, then getting along, then fighting (switching very quickly between

the two)

-they humiliate each other, “fun and games”

-Strange, almost non-sense language

-George says, “you hit…birds”

-Characters either don’t notice, or don’t want to react to each other’s verbal abuse, often acting

as though nothing was said

-Absurd treatment of guests

-George doesn’t even pretend to be pleased to see Nick and Honey

-Martha comes onto Nick

-George and Martha fight in front of the guests, sometimes with the guests

-The existence of George and Martha’s son is questionable at best, but is ultimately found out to be an invention of the couple. Why have an imaginary son?

-Honey has a dream (sounds, a bell?/cold winds/George mentions dead bodies

-Honey has dreams/enters dreamlike states or trances when she’s drunk

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