Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (“A&B”) is a diversified corporation with most of its operations centered in Hawaii.  It was founded in 1870 and incorporated in 1900.  Ocean transportation operations and related shoreside operations of A&B are conducted by a wholly-owned subsidiary, Matson Navigation Company, Inc.(“Matson”), and several Matson subsidiaries, all of which are headquartered in San Francisco.  Container leasing operations are conducted by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Matson, Matson Leasing Company, Inc. (“Matson Leasing”), which is headquartered in San Francisco.  Real property and food products operations are conducted by a wholly-owned subsidiary of A&B, A&B-Hawaii, Inc. (“ABHI”), and several ABHI subsidiaries, including California and Hawaiian Sugar Company, Inc. (“C&H”), all of which are headquartered in Hawaii or California.

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The industry segments of A&B are as follows:

1) Ocean Transportation – carrying freight primarily between various United States Pacific Coast and Hawaii ports; providing terminal, stevedoring, tugboat and container equipment maintenance services in certain of those ports; and arranging United States Mainland intermodal transportation.

2) Container Leasing – leasing marine cargo containers in standard 20 foot and 40-foot lengths to transportation companies, primarily ocean carriers in the liner trades.

3) Property Development and Management – developing real property in Hawaii and on the U.S. Mainland; selling residential properties; and managing, leasing, selling and purchasing commercial and industrial properties.

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4) Food Products – growing sugarcane and coffee in Hawaii; producing raw sugar, molasses and green coffee; refining raw sugar, and marketing and distributing refined sugar products in the western United States; marketing and distributing roasted coffee and green coffee; providing sugar and molasses hauling and storage, general freight and petroleum hauling and self-storage services in Hawaii; and generating and selling electricity.

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