The movie Braveheart is a Scottish tale. It starts off by showing Scottish men and women going into a meeting in a barn to discuss truce amongst the war that they are having with the English. What they didn’t know was that they were being lowered into a trap where they were hung.

William as a young boy saw what had happened to them. His father was a leader in the rebel forces of the Scottish to try to help free his people from the English king. On an occasion, his father goes off to fight but never makes it out alive.

William is a young boy and his anger inside of him is growing. At his father’s funeral, his uncle from his mom’s side comes to take him away and teach him the arts of war, how to read Latin, and to speak other languages as well. The story never really talks about his mother.

He is an orphan and his uncle came to take him away. Many years now pass and William Wallace returns home as grown well mannered and taught man. He seeks the love of his life and finds her, many years after he left. There’s one problem.

His love’s father is now a rebel leader as well and the only way that he can be with is if he joins the rebels. William only wants to make a family and live in peace. He in secret dates her and eventually marries her. But the English knew who he was, and killed his wife to get to him. William goes on a rampage and kills the guards and the lord of the town with the other rebels.

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From that moment on, William is now the leader of the Scottish people. Now fights to defend his people and gain their freedom. On the other hand, the Scottish’s heir to the throne wants to make agreements with the English king instead of helping his people fight for freedom. William is disgraced and fights with the rebels.

He keeps fighting and fighting and keeps winning and winning. His triumphs are so great that he makes his way to York, England and is able to take over the greatest city of England at this time. The English king is in awe of what he was capable of doing and sets up military councils to gain speed behind the rebels.

But while all of this is going on, the Princess which she is the wife of the king’s son, is helping Wallace in his escapes. She loves him. Her husband is gay and she sees the truth that is going on. Wallace’s people are being oppressed and she helps him in by guiding him to places to hide and seek shelter from danger.

There is a great battle at the end where the Scottish army and rebels join to fight the English. To the surprise, the Scottish army betrays Wallace and the rebels and the rebels are on their own against Thousands and thousands of English army men.

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Many rebels die but Wallace survives. The Scottish leaders have a meeting of what happened and Wallace kills the leaders of Scotland one by one for what they have done. This worries the king of Scotland and tries to make a truce with William Wallace.

William buys it and goes to a meeting with him. As William enters the fortress he is betrayed and captured by the English soldiers. He is tried in court and is proven guilty.

He goes to prison waiting for them to take him and torture him. The princess goes to see him and tries to give him an antidote to numb his nerves, then she kisses him and leaves but he spits out the potion.

He is now taken to be tortured and humiliated in front of the English people. He is tortured and laid down on the cross where he is going to be killed.

But before that happens, he yells “FREEDOM” and the people are amazed. Then they decapitate him. The legend of William Wallace has died. “Every man dies, but not every man really lives” (William Wallace)

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