• Typically emphasizes exposure as well as changing problematic patterns of thinking
  • Typically involve- 10 individual or group sessions with a therapist plus homework
  • Has been shown to produce significant improvements
  • Has been combined with drug therapy

Agoraphobia: Fear of not being able to escape from a public place if they have a panic attack

The Use and Abuse of Drugs:

Addictive Behaviour:

  • Habits that have gotten out of control, with a resulting negative impact on a person’s health.
  • 5 Characteristics typically associated with addictive behaviours:

o   Reinforcement

§  Some act of the behaviour produces positive feelings, or some act of the behaviour relieves negative feelings

o   Compulsion or craving

o   Loss of Control

o   Escalation

§  More and more of the substance is required to produce it’s desired affects- physical addiction

o   Negative Consequences

The Development of Addiction:

  • Many behaviours are addictive, but most people who engage in them do not develop problems
  • If a person becomes dependent and tolerance develops, the behaviour is likely to become a central focus in the person’s life
  • No single cause of addiction

– The individual, environment, and substance/ behaviour combine

–Individuals with trouble coping with stress may be more susceptible to addiction

–Some people may also have a genetic predisposition to addiction (could also be

environmental, learned behaviours)

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