Purpose: Find silver produced and compare to predicted.penny-to-silver

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Cu + 2AgNo3 → Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag



-in small beaker (100-250 mL), weigh beaker

-Add 3.00 OR LESS of AgNo3, weigh AgNo3

-Weigh copper penny

-Add 80 mL H2O

-Heat and dissolve (warm, not boil)

-Put copper penny into AgNo3(aq) –observe

-Allow to sit overnight

-Wash/ decant, then dry

-weigh silver and penny


Data: beaker= 67.95 g      penny= 3.14 g     silver (after drying) = 2.03 g     copper reacted= .58 g


Calculations: use stoichiometry to find Ag predicted

1. grams → mol Cu

(penny – copper reacted) 2.56 x 1/63.55= .0403

2. mol →mol (ratio)

.0403 x 2/1= .0806 mol Ag

3. mol → grams

.0806 mol Ag x 107.9/1=  8.70 g

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