1.  Type of essay:

Narrative To entertain, illuminate, or tell a story
Argumentative To convince the reader of the validity of the thesis
Persuasive To persuade the reader to act
Expository To explore, explain, classify, or define
Overview of Evidence Used in Criminal Trials

2.  Purpose:

  • What is the thesis? Explicit or Implicit?
  • What is the purpose of the essay? (to entertain, persuade, criticize, provoke, etc.)
Explicit (Stated/Direct) Implicit (Implied/Indirect)
-topic and position are stated from the beginning -thesis is not directly stated but implied through implication or evidence

3.  Style: Is the essay Formal or Familiar?

Male & Female Sexual Anatomy: Function and Purpose

Formal Familiar
-serious treatment of subject

-precise and accurate info

-instructs and informs in order to convince

no contractions, no slang,

no 1st person

-reveals personality of writer

-moods =casual, ironic, humorous, satiric

-personal and friendly persuasion

-to entertain or shed light on a subject

4.  Evidence:

  • What types of supporting evidence are used?

(Examples, comparisons, contrasts, statistics, etc.)

5.  Mood or Reaction?

  • What emotional reaction do you have?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the essay?


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