The number one goal of Feng Shui is to help people live and work in comfortable and supportive environments.  In doing so, Feng Shui can assist in improving health, relationships and finances.

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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy about the relationship between humans and their environment. It’s the way your environment and you connect. Based on laws of nature, its theories offer us a way to understand.

Developed over 8,000 years ago as a system of how to survive and excel in harmony with nature, feng shui theories came from logical assumptions about natural causes and effects that endured through time. Passed down from generation to generation, only a select few understand the phenomenon of feng shui in its entirety. The complexity and correct application of feng shui takes many years to learn from a master. The ideas presented here offer some of the basic concepts that explain the principles of feng shui.

Feng shui is based on the Taoist philosophies of nature: these include the Yin-Yang Theory, Five Element Theory and the trigrams of the trigrams of the Yi-Jing. Everything is made of qi (pronounced chee) or energy, which is organized into five elements: metal, fire, water, wood and earth and associated to the trigrams. Do not think of the five elements as static physical elements but energies like frequencies, which have direction and a unique wavelength. The Five Element Theory explains how qi cycles in nature, constantly changing from phase to phase, since energy is neither created nor destroyed. Consequently, everything around us is connected and has the potential to affect our well-being. Today, feng shui is a multi-disciplinary study encompassing architecture, urban planning, geography, astrology, electromagnetism, landscape design, environmental psychology, and many others. (From Liu of feng shui.)

The method of feng shui affects your life every moment you live, whether you are aware of it or not. The best way to explain the way it works is with the three realms of feng shui. There is the heaven, earth, and human realm.

Heaven: Influences from climate atmosphere, and quality. It comes from the timing of your birth. To have good luck with the heaven realm you need proper timing of your endeavors.

Earth: This provides humans with materials needed to sustain life. Food, shelter, clothes, (the necessities) of life. According to feng shui beliefs humans position or how they orient themselves in their surroundings enormously impacts welfare and density of their lives.

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Human: The human belief is about the people in your surroundings. The people in your surroundings affect your success.

There are also the five factors of success. This is another way to consider your equation for success. The concept of Chinese culture is That Contribute to Life Fortune.

Fate (or destiny): This is the time of your birth, place, history, family type, body, and socioeconomic status. Fate comprises of about 70% of one’s life destiny.

Luck: The mysterious pattern of good or bad influences through the path of your life. This is not chance or random coincidence; luck is discernible.

Feng Shui: The positioning of you on earth. This is how you situate yourself in life. It impacts your life very strongly.

Charitable actions: This is you being positive toward others. This means serving others for good cause and without reward. The hope of not being recognized and doing the actions in well deeds makes you benefit also.

Self-improvement: This is tied in to the charitable actions. The self-improvement is simply improving one’s self for character and for moral fiber.

10 ways Feng Shui is influencing you right now:

  • Your front door: This is an area receives subtle energy from your home. This influences your opportunities and amount of income you command.
  • People who lived in your house previously: The people who lived in your home before probably left behind some vibes. The subtle traces of their feelings or experiences may hinder you for several years of living in the house.
  • Stove placement: The placement of you stove influences cash flow and your physical health. For example a very dirty stove can affect financial status.
  • Clutter in home or office: Junk in a space blocks vital energy. This leads to dozen of frustrations or subtle obstacles.
  • Bathroom location: This can raise significant health issues or can result in leaking money.
  • Position of bed: This influences your love to amazing degrees.
  • Air and lighting levels: These can affect thinking patterns and endorphin levels. These in turn influence your attitude, performance, and results.
  • Colors you see: Colors in your surroundings powerfully influence moods, energy levels and effectiveness.
  • Desk Position: The position of you desk can either make or break your career. Position of your desk in Feng Shui is number one for success I your job.
  • Seeing your front door from the street: Having and open view of your door makes opportunities open for you. If your door is hidden from plain view then opportunities aren’t going to be as prosperous.

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