• LAW is a set of rules of conduct, established by government, for all members of society to obey and follow.

The Function of Law

  • 1. Regulates conduct- acts as a deterrent i.e. if you do “x” you face punishment “y”.
  • 2. Avoids or Settles disputes – Contract law sets out rules for making & enforcing agreements.
  • 3.  Set out rights and obligations- for example the Charter of Rights limits the government’s authority over citizens.
  • 4.  Provides remedies- if your rights have been violated under the law, the law provides a system of recourse.
  • 5. Maintains Order & provides protection- prohibits certain acts & provides for an authority-(police) to protect us.
  • 6. Sets up the structure of government- The Constitution Act assigns power & duties to the various levels of government.
  • 7. Directs how to make laws- The Parliament.

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Garmondeh M. Yebleh

Are there any differences between the function of law and the purpose of law


It’s very Good Question .

madu Mirabel

law guide human behavior within the society

Herbert Mabonga

It is absolutely responding to the developments nationally and internationally.The law being dynamic. However, there is need to reform through further research.