Foreshadowing: clues in a story that hint about what is going to happen later in the plot

-used to arouse the reader’s curiosity, to build suspense, and to help prepare the reader to

accept events that occur later in the story

Point of View: the perspective from which a story is told.  There are three common POVs.

  • 3rd Person Limited POV: uses pronouns he, she, and they

tells the story from the perspective of one of the characters (so the reader learns this character’s thoughts and feelings)

the reader does not get access to other characters’ thoughts and feelings

  • 3rd Person Omniscient POV: uses pronouns he, she, and they

-the narrator is all-seeing and all-knowing

-the narrator share the thoughts and feelings of several characters

  • 1st Person POV: story is told by a character (major or minor)

uses pronouns I or we

sometimes we can trust this narrator, and sometimes we cannot

-a 1st person narrator will most often have a limited POV.

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