About the Lakota Sioux

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  • Seven Native Americans bands of the Great Plains1
  • Western-most of Sioux groups, occupying The Dakotas (North and South)1

Treaty of Fort Laramie 1851

  • Government negotiated with Lakota and other tribes regarding the rights of passage for immigrants, paid by Americans $50,000 in return for this2
  • Natives allowed roads to be built on their land2

Great Sioux War

  • 1876-1877: Between Lakota Sioux & Northern Cheyenne tribes residing in Dakotas, against  Gov’t2 Great-Sioux-War
  • Despite treaty, settlers exploited Dakota territory, officials considered harvesting rich timber resources of  Black Hills2
  • Several expeditions took place  conducted by white settlers in Native territory2
  • Conflict begun in result of failure of  diplomatic negotiation2
  • 3 major battles: Battle of Rosebud, Little Bighorn, Battle of Slim Buttes2
  • All ended with US victory

Battle of Little Bighorn

  • Tensions high over territory system in Black Hills South Dakota.3
  • General Custer advanced to Little Bighorn River without orders3
  • Following, US Army pursued Sioux until all had surrendered.3
  • Battle of Little Bighorn July 25th 1876 a.k.a. “Custer’s Land Stand”, aroused hostility towards Aboriginal people3
    • Symbolized military efforts against Native Americans, resistance to American Expansion3

Ghost Dance War

  • Native resistance movement “Ghost Dancers” spread across the plains.4
  • Less than 5 minutes, 150 Lakota dead, 25 US troops4
  • Wounded Knee Massacre was last “chapter” to the long Indian American Wars.4
  • Post Indian-American War, Native population in the United States fell for the next 20 years4


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