Battle of the Atlantic

  • Longest battle of World War Two (1939-1945)
  • Began on September 3rd 1939
  • Fought by ships, U-boats and airplanes
  • One of the most costly battles
  • Major impact on Germany’s defeat in World War 2
  • Battle between Britain and its Allied forces against Germany

Transporting Materials

  • Large ship and U-boats were used to transport goods
  • Ships transported materials needed for war such as:
  • Food
  • Oil
  • Munitions
  • Troops


  • Ships that were seen by enemy U-boats would be attacked so that they sink
  • Travelling in packs and in convoys reduced the chances of being attacked
  • Canada played a major role as convoy’s escorts
  • Canada provided half of the naval escorts
Germany After WWI



  • Battle ended around September 1945 after 2,075 days
  • British code breakers were able to Enigma code which was used by the Germans
  • The radar and the sonar helped greatly by allowing ships to identify where enemy ships were even in bad weather
  • Aircrafts helped escort ships and protect them as well as bombing enemy ships and U-boats from above
  • Escorts and conveys were able to attack enemy U-boats and ships
Appeasement of Hitler


  • Britain and its allied forces were able to win World  War 2
  • Ammunition, troops and food were able to help the soldiers
  • 25, 421 ships were able to successfully cross the Atlantic ocean
  • The Royal Canadian Navy helped sink 33 U-boats and 42 ships
  • Most important battle of World War 2

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