Winston Churchill and Allies under intense pressure to “do something” to relieve pressure on Soviet Union

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– “Operation Jubilee” was to be a quick raid:

– Gather information, test tactics for a later invasion, worry the Nazis

– Aug. 19th, 1942 6000 troops land in France (5000 are Canadians):

– 900 die on beaches

– 1000 wounded

– 1900 POW’s

(2 out of 3 are casualties by day’s end)


  • Boats delayed
  • Poor planning
  • Inexperienced commanders
  • The Germans learned about the attack; and were ready
  • No aerial or naval bombardment prior to the attack  (Too little air & sea support )
  • The attack took place in broad daylight
  • Tanks bogged down on beach
  • Designed failure?


  • Dieppe gave the Allies an idea of what mistakes to avoid when they later invade France
  • Much stronger military forces were needed to break through the German defences
  • Reserve forces should be held back until the progress of the first assault is known

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Dinky David
Dinky David
10 years ago

I really like the different sections for the intro., why it failed, and what was learned.
Thanks a lot, i really appreciate it. You could have gave more info. on the introduction. But good work!