House of Commons

  • Place where issues affecting everyone in the country will be discussed and debated.
  • Through discussion and debate, your elected Members of Parliament will attempt to direct your nation
  • Passing a bill will require a majority vote in favor of it, but when bills do become laws, every citizen in your nation must abide by them
    • Violators of laws will run the risk of being sued or prosecuted in your National Court.

Government Branches Review

  • Executive: responsible for carrying out the law and implementing plans and policies to do so (Prime Minister and appointed MP’s)
  • Legislative: responsible for making laws (All MP’s)
  • Judicial: Responsible for determining guilt and innocence and has the power to inflict punishments on those found guilty of breaking the law (National Judge and jury of your peers)

Checks and Balances

  • The three branches of the government check and balance one another.
    • Checks: powers that one government branch has over another (help to limit the power that each branch has so that it would not get carried away and abuse its powers)
    • Balance: ensures that each branch has a balanced amount of power and authority.

Nominating the Speaker of the House

  • Once elected into power the PM will nominate someone to be the Speaker of the House. This needs approval from the majority of the MP’s.
  • Roles of the Speaker of the House
    • Maintain order and interpret parliamentary rules
    • All MP’s in your House of Commons must speak to and through the Speaker
    • The Speaker only votes on bills and laws in the event of a tie

Nominating a National Judge

  • Your PM also has the privilege of nominating a citizen to become your National Judge.
    • This nomination must also be approved by the House of Commons by a vote of at least three.
    • Once decided the National Judge will remain in that position until he/she resigns, or is forced to leave by your country’s government.
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