1.       Use the same background for all the slides. When in doubt, use one of the Design Templates that came with PowerPoint. These templates guarantee a professional looking background every time.

2.       Pick High Contrast colours. High contrast means light letters on a dark background. High contrasting colours make it much easier to read the slides. When in doubt use one of the Design Templates that came with PowerPoint. This guarantees high contrast colours.

3.       Use one good picture or graphic per slide. PowerPoint is a visual medium so please use pictures and graphics. Just make sure the pictures are relevant to the topic and large enough for the audience to see and appreciate them. Search online for free images.

4.       Minimum of 32 pts for the font size. Remember you’re making a presentation and not an eye exam. Your audience should be able to read the slides without binoculars.

5.       Maximum of 5 lines of text per slide. Use bullet lists and phrases rather than whole sentences. Plan on explaining the bullets and phrases as part of your oral presentation.

6.       Please don’t read the slides to your audience. Generally speaking, all the members of your audience are literate. Instead of reading the slides to them use the slide as a launching point to tell them more about your topic.

7.       Check your spelling and grammar. Nothing distracts the attention of your audience more than spelling and grammar errors.

8.       Use good presentation skills. Make sure you have good eye contact, you’re loud enough, and don’t forget to practice your presentation before you present. These things are very important to your audience and they should be important to you.

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