• The IPCC is known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and was established in 1988 Intergovernmental-Panel-Climate-Change-IPCCby the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).
  • It is one of the leading panels on the assessment of climate change. They provide scientific assessments about the risk of climate change.


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The IPCC has 3 major roles:

  • Assessing scientific information on climate change.
  • Assessing environmental and social impacts on climate change
  • Creating counteracting strategies for climate change.


  • Work Group 1 deals with causes of climate change,
  • Work Group 2 deals with the vulnerability of climate change and ways of adapting to it.
  • Work Group 3 deals with how we can help with climate change.
  • The task force calculates and reports national GHG emissions and removals.


  • IPCC findings show that the temperature trends are rising in all countries across the globe. There are barely any countries with temperature trends decreasing and the temperature going down.
  • IPCC finding show that the greenhouse emissions being released are increasing over the decades.
  • IPCC show that the sea levels are rising significantly over the past few years.
  • This all leas to the IPCC revealing that the global average temperature has been most severe in the past few decades after the use of tons of greenhouse gases.
  • The way, way, after graph shows how long it will take for the sea level, temperature and concentration of emissions to get back to normal, which is a very long time.
Climate Change & the Carbon Cycle

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