he novel Oryx and Crake was written by Margaret Atwood in 2003. She classifies this novel in the genre of speculative fiction, this means that she observes the society of today and chooses to showcase the consequences of these problems in a future society. These issues in society form the historical context from which Atwood bases the premise of this novel.

Several of the issues from today’s society which Atwood chooses explore in her novel are genetic engineering, the quest for perfection in humans as well as the creation of biological weapons and diseases to keep pharmaceutical companies in business.

By choosing these specific issues to elaborate on, Atwood can focus on the aspects which she feels are a problem in society to make readers reconsider the way they live their lives. By choosing only specific issues which are closely related Atwood has been able to create a multi-dimensional plot but also narrow her focus to the scariest issues of our society. These specific issues are closely examined then fully blown, almost out of proportion, to create an image of fear and to make readers question the individual impacts of these specific issues.

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