– Looking into sociology and class systems and how they relate in this piece of literature. Implying the idea Capitalism as mind control and getting lost in this facade of the American dream. Some in this society try and unite in equality, while others such as tom disrupt socialism and create a divide between race, wealth, and sex.

Toms approach to society in Novel

His interactions

□     Tom and Nick- he explains his views of a dominant race the rise of the coloured empire, which explains how Caucasians will be wiped out by other races if actions are not taken against them. Creating a racial segregation between tom and society. Tom sees nick as being lower class then him.

□     Tom and Daisy- Established upper class- mistreats her because of class, his belief in monarchy of the male. He shows her disrespect even hitting her, she complains multiple times about him hurting her. Sexism in tom’s character. Class loyalty.

□     Tom and Myrtle- lovers, not so secret- she is of a working class, something tom looks down upon, but he believes this is okay because of his high rank. Men in charge in society is his mid set with her, he mentions “keeping her in line” as well public physical abuse, “daisy, daisy, daisy” hit in the nose because he believes he has the right.

□     Tom and Gatsby- looks to him as inferior.

The separation of the city West vs. East Egg

East Egg- Rich, luxurious, classy area. People have been rich for generations and have been raised as upper class citizens with the belief of hereditary hierarchy. Aristocratic rule in this area, people with money have the power,

West Egg- also a rich luxurious area, but not as rich and luxurious- nobody really wants to be seen as unappealing, but less appealing than another great area, a way to still seem like the people who live there are still part of a upper high class. Acquired riches in their lifetime usually not by legal means. Not been raised to be in a certain class, gained their way to their place, with poor social grace.

Residents of East Egg consider themselves better than those of west egg. Reader sees this at Gatsby’s east egger party. Gatsby having the ability to speed with no repercussions. (White card). Promotes himself as an oxford man when he went there for summer courses. His pursuit of daisy can be seen as materialistic representation, buying love and chasing an American Dream. Daisy in an unattainable end to Gatsby, Reaching out to the green light off the water towards her house

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