In this chapter, we are introduced to Nick and his views on judgment.  We get a visual description of Nick’s and Gatsby’s house.  Nick meets Daisy and Tom; as well as Jordan Baker.  Nick find out about Tom’s ‘women’ in New York.  As Nick heads on home he sees Gatsby in the dark, looking across the bay.

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Major Plot Details:

The major plots in this play consist of Nick meeting Miss Baker and sharing a connection with her.  Nick learns about Tom’s affair and we see that Daisy is a little crazy.  The first murmurs of Gatsby create suspense.


Major symbols in this chapter are: when the wind is blowing into Tom and Daisy’s house while Jordan Baker and Daisy are sitting in her house as Tom and Nick first enter the room and the green light.

The wind represents freedom and the carefree style lives they possess.  Tom closes the window and that represents Tom is more restricting.

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Great Gatsby: Chapter Three Analysis & Summary

The green light at the end of Daisy’s dock represents the “green-eyed monster” (jealousy).


The major theme is ‘dreams.’  Gatsby wanted to live a lavish lifestyle; the type of man Daisy would marry.  It was who Gatsby dreamed of being, wanted to be, or had to be, just for Daisy.  Also, as Nick describes Gatsby, it’s almost as if he wants to be the man Gatsby is.  It’s sort of superficial; like people are always hiding who they really are.


  • Nick- narrator, Daisy’s second cousin, Gatsby’s neighbour, Bonds man, passive
  • Daisy Buchanan- Tom Buchanan’s wife, Nick’s second cousin, a minor manipulator
  • Tom Buchanan- Daisy’s husband, Polo player, aggressive
  • Jay Gatsby- Nick’s neighbour, ‘rich,’ in love with Daisy
  • Jordan Baker- Famous Golf player, friend of Daisy and Tom, carefree, minor manipulator

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