Plot Summary

  • Nick goes home to find Gatsby’s butler with an invitation to his party.
  • Nick ventures to Gatsby’s house. He describes the party as hectic and lively. He also comments on how long it lasts. He also mentions how most attendees were not originally invited.
  • Nick meets up with Jordan Baker at the bar. They start to talk but then are interrupted by a pair of twins. They send their condolences to Jordan for her loss in the golf tournament.
  • The twins give information about Gatsby’s personality and how he does not want trouble with anyone. They also mention the mystery that surrounds Gatsby’s origins. (Rumors that he was a Germany spy and he killed a man.)
  • They soon have supper then Jordan asks Nick to leave with her to find the host.
  • They arrive at the bar to find that the host is not there and venture further into the library.
  • Nick and Jordan find a drunk that comments on how Gatsby’s books are real.
  • The couple leave after not finding Gatsby and soon sit on a nearby table.
  • A man starts conversation with Nick about the war. The man exclaims that he as seen him before and asks his division.
  • As Nick was about to ask his name Jordan steps in. Nick soon makes remarks about how he was invited to the party, but has not seen the guest yet.
  • The man reveals himself to be Gatsby. Almost immediately after, he is called away.
  • A while later, Gatsby’s butler sends for Jordan only and Nick is left alone at the party.
  • After some time when Nick is about to leave, Jordan and Gatsby come out together. Jordan told Nick that she had amazing news, but couldn’t tell him here.
  • She gave him her phone number and to contact her later.
  • Nick apologizes for his earlier remark to Gatsby and leaves to go home. On his was home he witnesses a minor car accident.
  • Nick also describes how the rest of his summer is spent working during the day, and party at Gatsby’s at night.
  • Nick also mentions his relationship with Jordan Baker and how he does not love her, but it’s more of a tender curiosity.
  • The Chapter ends with Jordan and Nick talking to each other in a car and about Jordan’s terrible driving habits.

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The invitation that Nick receives to attend Gatsby’s party is a symbol of friendship and both manipulation. Gatsby’s first intentions where to use Nick to get close to Daisy, but later on this invite brings Gatsby and Nick closer together as friends.

The books in Gatsby’s library symbolizes that Gatsby is real.

The car crash after the party represents the outcome of Gatsby’s actions. Gatsby’s desire for Daisy causes many people misfortune.

The party is Gatsby’s mask and its purpose is so that people see Gastby as what he wants them to see.


Mystery – The relationship between Gatsby and everyone at the party is unclear because no one really knows about Gatsby and his past.

Isolation – Nick is left alone for most of the night and is also kept isolated from many things such as what Gastby told Jordan in secret.


“I had been actually invited. A chauffeur in a uniform of robin’s-egg blue crossed my lawn early that Saturday morning with a surprisingly formal note from his employer: the honor would be entirely Gatsby’s, it said, if I would attend his little party that night.” (Fitzgerald 41)

“Absolutely real-have pages and everything. I thought they’d be nice durable cardboard. Matter of fact, they’re absolutely real. Pages and-Here! Lemme show you.” (Fitzgerald 45)

“‘I’m Gatsby,’ he said suddenly. ‘What!’ I exclaimed. ‘Oh, I beg your pardon.’” (Fitzgerald 48)

“She got up slowly, raising her eyebrows at me in astonishment, and followed the butler toward the house.” (Fitzgerald 50)

“In the ditch beside the road, right side up, but violently shorn of one wheel, rested a new coupé which had left Gatsby’s drive not two minutes before.” (Fitzgerald 53)

Development of Characters

Jordan- She gets more aware of Nick and also learns more about Gatsby. She hates careless people, clever or shrewd men. Jordan is careless heself and many people bore her.

Gatsby- He was in the army with Nick. He has many secrets and an unclear past. He is very caring and a respectable man. His reputation is very important to him.

Nick- Nick finds out more about each of the other characters. He learns that Gatsby was in the army and that he was a respectable man. Nick grows to be closer to both characters, but at the same time is always left out.

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