The parable of the unjust judge is a parable told by Jesus about a judge who did not fear God, nor care for his fellow man. He is approached by a lady, who asks him to grant her justice. The judge decides to grant her justice so that she will stop bothering him. God accepts this judge granting the woman justice.

This story is significant because it shows that any person at any time can find God. This judge who did not fear God was able to find God’s acceptance through this woman. This shows that one should always be praying regardless of the circumstances.

If they do this, then God will always grant them justice. This parable was also significant because it teaches us to never give up. The judge who had never feared God or had much respect for anyone was now taken in by the Lord and was accepted.

This is a significant parable for teaching us about God. We are taught by this parable that God will take in anyone at any time, even if they have never feared him or had much faith in him. God is very forgiving and will always have room for people to worship him.

This parable is constantly replayed today in our society as people who are having trouble with their life or do not believe in God will be opened up to him suddenly due to God’s forgiveness. This parable provides a very good story for people on how welcoming God truly is.

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