1. Synthetic elements with atomic numbers greater than 93 (Transuranic)
5. This law states that the properties of elements repeat as a function of their atomic number (Periodic)
7. Silicon is in this period (Three)
8. Elements were originally placed in order of atomic __, now they are in order of atomic __. (Mass number)
9. The group that consists of very unreactive gases (Nobles gas)
10. Number of elements known in 1800 (thirty-six)
13. Element 101 was named in his honor (Mendeleev)
17. The periodic table is normally drawn with 18 columns. A more accurate representation has ___ columns (Thirty-two)
19. Most nonmetals are in this state (Gaseous)
20. Nonmetal that is a liquid at SATP (Bromine)
21. The general name was given to a column in the periodic table (Group)
22. According to figure 6, when aluminum combines with oxygen, three oxygen atoms combine with this many aluminum atoms (Two)

Periodic Table Families: Properties & Uses


2. Elements that most closely follow the periodic law (Representative)
3. The first scientist to organize elements based on repeating patterns (Dobereiner)
4. The modern name for eka-silicon (Germanium)
6. Most elements are ___, since they fall to the left of the “staircase line” (Metals)
11. The general name was given to a row (left-to-right) in the periodic table (Period)
12. Iodine belongs to this group (Halogens)
14. The first alkali metal (Lithium)
15. This element was assigned a relative atomic mass of one because it is the lightest element (Hydrogen)
16. The state of matter represented by (aq) (Aqueous)
18. Silicon is in this group (IVa)
20. The staircase that separates metals and nonmetals begins below this element (Boron)


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