William Shakespeare’s renowned play Romeo and Juliet is the quintessential description of infatuation in young people. He proved that young love provides pleasure but seldom lasts by writing this tragic tale. The main characters possess the tragic flaw of rashness in action which leads to their downfall.

They are hasty in their actions and cease to assess the situation before taking control. 2013 revitalization of this classic tale harshly disappoints the audience with the lack of proper screenplay and characterization.

The remake certainly had qualities that deserve appreciation. It was produced with the best of filmmaking to create magnificent settings that bring the story to life. The usage of modern technology gives a clear picture of the lifestyle one might have adapted to in 12th century Verona.

The costumes were impressive. They were magnificent in style and true to the history of the time period. They helped exemplify that Romeo and Juliet were born into rich families due to their sumptuous appearance. The movie was shot from angles that captured the best of every scene and the soundtrack helped create the ideal mood for the story.

The characters had minimal makeup which highlighted their natural features. Overall, the set and costume designing were promising.

The screenplay is the key to bringing the true depiction of a story.  It helps enforce the feelings of the characters to the audience. The director failed to portray strong chemistry between Romeo and Juliet because the scenes moved too rapidly. It failed to make the audience appreciate Shakespeare’s incredible talent of writing poetic dialogues because the actors delivered the lines in a hasty manner.

It lacked to justify the essence of every scene in the story. The audience was unable to feel the tension of the climax of the story as a result. It is ironic how the moral in the story that hasty actions bring downfall is the main flaw of the movie.

The remake was only able to meet certain expectations regarding the characterization of the story. The characterization of Romeo was one of the biggest strengths concerning characterization. Romeo’s character was as appealing as can be due to incredible dialogue delivery and undeniable charm. He was the personification of the Romeo described by William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, his counterpart ceases to do justice to her character.

She is hasty in dialogue delivery and often mutters her lines. She is unable to fit the character description written by Shakespeare. Juliet is the epitome of beauty and embodies features that “teach the stars to burn bright.” The actress requires sharp features to play the character. Beauty is only skin deep but one must provide justification to the character that he or she is playing.

The manner used to create this underwhelming adaption appeared strained. It hastily follows the plot and contains a minimal amount of Shakespeare’s classic lines. It earns points for its lush setting and costumes but loses them at screenplay and characterization.

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