In the Renaissance era, people looked to religious leaders for advice on their lives. Some religious advisers think they are qualified to give advice to the youth, but they may not be as qualified as they seem.

In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, “The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet”, Friar Lawrence is a person who is very dear to both Romeo and Juliet. He ended up having a great impact on their lives too. There are many factors that caused the deaths of the two profoundly lovers such as fate.

Fate took the role when Romeo got accidentally invited to the Capulet ball and fell in love with Juliet. Although fate did play a role on the lovers, this assertion fails to consider the impact on Friar Lawrence.

The Friar should have never agreed to marry them so hastily. Friar Lawrence should have made sure Romeo confirmed the plan before poisoning Juliet. Another thing he should not have done is not run away when Juliet needed him the most.

By being alone and with no one to stop her, Juliet ended up killing herself. Friar Lawrence has shown he is the main cause of Romeo and Juliet’s death in many different ways. If Friar Lawrence understood the large impact he had on them, Romeo and Juliet would still be alive.

Romeo and Juliet: Character Analysis of Romeo Montague

Due to the fact that the Friar agrees to marry the lovers briskly, he is most responsible for their tragic outcomes. Romeo seeks the friar’s help and the Friar willingly went on to help Romeo marry his courtly lover. All along, the Friar seems very optimistic about his secret marriage and he was promptly going from “The heavens are smiling” to “ A greater power than we can contradict”. (2.6.1-2). 

Due to the fact that the Friar was so captivated by the love of Romeo and Juliet, he did not even bother noticing that in a wedding there are usually parents to watch their kids get married. Before the wedding, the Friar mentions how Romeo was in love with Rosaline and now he’s in love with Juliet. It is uncertain that the Friar has ever experienced love before, so he would not know if Romeo’s “love lies not truly in [his] heart, but in [his] eyes” .(2.2.71-2).

There is nothing holding the Friar back from saying no to Romeo and Juliet wanting to get married, he even said it himself that Romeo was just marrying Juliet for her appearance. His marrying of the lovers is a really big mistake because it is gonna end up biting him in the end.

Fate in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Poisoning Juliet was an omission in the first place, but not making sure Romeo knew the plan is even worse.

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