– connects to the lives of Gurus

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– a holy day that connects to the birth or death of one of the Gurus…the birthday of Guru Nanak is called Gurpurb…most imp holy day, usually in November

– continuous reading of Sahib for 48 hrs is called Akhand Path…many info sessions on this Guru and pryares are done

Jore Melas – a number of these types of festivals – Baisakhi, Diwali, and Hola Mohalla

– provide opportunities for Sikhs to gather together

– Guru Amar Das, the 3rd Guru created Baisakhi and Diwali to divert the minds of the followers from Hinduism to reflect on the meaning of being Sikh

Baiskhi – usually occurs on either April 13 and 14

– purpose is to remind Sikhs of the fight against injustice …the story of the formation of Khalsa is told

– a day of thanksgiving…many gather at Amritsar, India to celebrate this day

Amritsar Massacre

·         in 1919 the British forbade the gathering at Amritsar for Baisakhi b/c they feared that the Sikhs would rise up against them

·         the Sikhs defied the British

·         as a result, 100s of Sikhs were killed

Diwali – takes place in either October or November

– it celebrates the imprisonment and release of Guru Hargobind (the 6th Guru)

History of the Sikh Diwali

·        in the 1600s during the Hindu Diwali, a Muslim King, Jehangir, offered to release Guru Hargobind

·        this Guru said he would only leave if 52 Hindu princes would be released as well.

·        Jehangir said these princes could go if they exited a narrow passage holding on to this Guru’s clothes.

·        Guru Hargobind had long tassels on his clothes, which all the princes held and were released

Hola Mohalla – occurs in the spring

– Sikhs gather to practise their martial arts skills

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