January-Twelfth Night

  • Celebrated evening of January 5
  • Celebrates the end of Christmas

February-Valentines Day

  • February 14th was the day of Valentines Day.
  • Celebrates love.

March – Easter

  • Easter was suppose to resemble religious mysteries and the humans urges we have towards light and warmth

April- All Fool’s Day

  • Celebrated April 1
  • Everything is backwards on this day
  • This day allows rules to be non-existent

May-May Day

  • It is celebrated on the 1st of May.
  • This celebration is about trying to use remembrances of pagan attempts to force spring back into the world.

June- Midsummer Eve

  • Midsummer Eve was celebrated at the beginning of the summer. It starts as the summer solstice does.
  • It celebrates the earth’s creation of the young leaves and grasses.

July- St. Swithin’s Day

  • Celebrated July 15
  • Celebrates old Bishop’s death and used to predict weather for the next 40 days

August- Lamma’s Day

  • Also known as “Lammastide”.
  • The festival was celebrating the first wheat harvest of the year.

September- Michaelmas

  • Michaelmas is a holiday made for honoring St. Michael. He was the second most famous dragon fighter.

October- Halloween

  • Celebrated October 31
  • Celebrates the end of the summer and the beginning of winter

November- St. Catherine’s Day

  • This celebration honors one of the most famous women saints, St. Catherine of Alexandria.

December- Christmas

  • The Christmas celebration was twelve days long. This was to honor the twelve apostles, the twelve days in the bible, and December as the twelfth month.
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