The major two religions in Elizabethan England were Catholic and Protestant religions,

  • Choosing the “wrong” religion brought risks to personal wealth, freedom, and life
  • Schools taught these “favored” religions; if you did not practices these religions then it would lead to great danger: Imprisonment, Torture. Execution
  • Catholics believed that the pope or the priest could forgive sins
  • Elizabethan Protestants believed that only God could forgive sins

Witchcraft and Witches

During the Elizabethan Era, people would blame unexplainable events of the work on witches

  • Women were mostly accused of being witches
  • When the deadly outbreak of the Black death occurred they also blamed it on witches
  • Queen Elizabeth passed a harsh law in 1562 leading to witch hunts
  • Types of witches include: White witch and Black witch
  • White withes were seen as a help to their community and known for healing
  • Black withes were seen as people who practice secret arts in order to harm others


Fear of supernatural and forces of Nature or God resulted in superstition

  • Elizabethan superstitions came due to the fear of witchcraft and witches
  • Some superstitions that affected the everyday life of Elizabethans were:
  • Shoes on a table – If you put shoes on a table it was very bad luck – inviting an imminent death
  • Spilling Salt or pepper – Seen as bad luck
  • It was unlucky for a black cat to cross your path

Medicine and Illnesses

Elizabethan medicine was very basic in an era when terrible illnesses kill almost one third of the population (Black Death)

  • Medicine was simple and basic in this era because doctors did not know what caused illness
  • Elizabethan illnesses were similar to modern age illnesses
  • Broken bones, wounds were treated in unsanitary places which often caused the problem to get worse
  • The only cure for a toothache was to pull it out (with no medicine or anesthetic)

Some cures are :

  • Head Pains- were treated with sweet-smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage, and bay
  • Cuts or Wounds- Vinegar was widely used as a cleansing agent as it was believed that it would kill disease.
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    • witchcraft pretty much did not exist and it was proved…
      and burning people people who were under suspicion of a witch is a crime against humanity

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