• Moses was born a Hebrew at the time when Hebrews were slaves in Egypt
  • All Hebrew baby boys were sentenced to be killed at birth for the Egyptian leaders feared an uprising within the Hebrew slaves
  • to avoid losing her child, Moses’ mother placed him in a basket and sent him down the Nile River
  • Moses’ sister, Miriam, watched her brother until he was picked up by the Pharaoh’s daughter who discovered him when she went to the Nile to bathe
  • The Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses in and treated him as her own son
  • Moses grew up as an Egyptian prince
  • In his teen years, he was shocked to find out that he was actually a Hebrew
  • Aickened by the treatment of his people, he killed a slave master who beat a Hebrew slave to death
  • Moses’ only chance to survive was to flee Egypt
  • God spoke to him through a burning bush, ordering him to return to Egypt and free the Hebrew slaves
  • Moses returned to Egypt and demanded that the Pharaoh set the Hebrews free
  • The Pharaoh denied this demand for there were too many great building he needed the slaves to construct
  • 10 plagues were sent upon Egypt by God, each of which were told to the Pharaoh by Moses before they had occurred
  • 1) water to blood 2) frogs 3) gnats 4) flies 5) livestock diseased 6) boils 7) thunder and hail 8 ) locusts 9) darkness 10) death of the firstborn
  • The worst of the plagues was the tenth, it included the death of the eldest son in every Egyptian family, even the Pharaoh’s son at the time died
  • God ordered Moses to mark the door posts of every Hebrew home with animal blood so that the Hebrew sons would be safe
  • Upset at the death of his eldest son, the Pharaoh agreed to let the Hebrew slaves go
  • The Hebrews gained strength by eating any scrap of food they could find so they could lead Egypt
  • The Pharaoh realized he had made a mistake and ordered his army to bring the slaves back
  • The Hebrews were chased by the Egyptian army to the banks of the Red Sea
  • Moses then parted the Red Sea with his staff which was powered by the hand of God
  • The Hebrew slaves then walked across the dry bottom of the sea to reach safety on the other side
  • Moses then lifted his staff and buried the Egyptian army under the Red Sea
  • God spoke to Moses and told him, “I will give the people food”
  • The next day, the ground was covered with white food which tasted like honey
  • The food was called manna by Moses
  • Flocks of quails were also sent by God in which the Hebrews captured, cooked and ate
  • When there was no more water, God ordered Moses to hit a rock with his staff which caused the rock to spill out enough water for everyone to drink
  • After traveling through the desert for three months, they came to Mount Sinai. God then told Moses to meet him at the top of the mountain.
  • God presented Moses with 10 laws in which people could live by. These laws were written on stone tablets and called The 10 Commandments.
  • When Moses returned to the bottom of the mountain, he discovered his people worshipping a golden calf
  • he broke the tablets given to him by God, then he destroyed the golden calf
  • the people were forgiven by God for worshipping the statue and demanded Moses to cut 2 more tablets of stone
  • Moses returned to the top of the mountain to re-carve the 10 Commandments, in which his people finally followed for they believed they truly were from God
  • Moses was very important in world history, as well in the development of the development of the ancient Egyptian civilization
  • with the help of God, Moses established a set of laws that are still active and respected in these days and are the basis of many government structuralized laws that civilizations are built upon today
  • Moses was a huge and important factor in Jewish history. Some may hold him responsible for the freedom of the Jewish people to this date.
  • Moses was one of the most important historical figures, not only in ancient Egypt, but in world history
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