• Canadian Parliamentary System Federal Level
  • Provincial Level

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Constitutional Monarchy

  • A government in which the monarch has only the powers laid out in the nation’s constitution and laws.
  • The monarch is recognized as the Head of State and centre of state authority.
  • Role is essentially symbolic;  most real political power in Canada lies with elected politicians.

Govenor General Role

  • Represents the Queen in Canada(pg 35 of text)
  • Role is almost always limited to ceremonial
  • Appointed (by the monarch) on the advice of the Prime Minister.
  • By constitutional convention, the Governor General exercises his or her powers on the advice of the Prime Minister and other Ministers.

Govenor General Responsibilities

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  • The Governor General performs some of the functions normally associated with heads of state.
  • makes state visits abroad,
  • hosts foreign heads of state,
  • receives ambassadors and high commissioners.
  • attends state banquets and functions,
  • meeting ceremonial groups,
  • awards medals, decorations, and prizes

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