Chapters 1 – 21

Abode – dwelling place

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Affability – friendliness; courtesy

Amends – give compensation

Assent – agree; consent; approve

Bestow – confer as gift

Caprice – whim; lively or fanciful work of music, etc.

Censure – criticise harshly; reprove

Civility – politeness; act of politeness

Condescend – graciously consent to do something while showing superiority

Contemplation – to survey with eyes or mind; to regard as possible; to intend

Coquetry – to flirt as a woman does

Countenance – face or its expression; composure; moral support

Deceitful – of deception; unreliable

Deference – respectful conduct; compliance with another’s wishes

Degenerate – having lost usual or good qualities; get worse; immoral

Deign – condescend

Discernment – to have good judgement

Disconcert – disturb composure of; fluster

Draught – current of air indoors; traction; drawing of liquor from a cask

Eminent – distinguished; notable

Emphatic – forcibly expressive; bearing emphasis

Esteem – think highly of; deeply respect

Expostulation – to make protest; to remonstrate

Exultation – feeling of triumph over a person

Felicity – intense happiness; capacity for apt expression

Folly – foolishness; foolish act, idea, etc.

Fortnight – two weeks

Gallantry – bravery; devotion to women; polite act or speech

Humility – humbleness; meekness

Impertinent – insolent, saucy

Indignation – anger at supposed injustice etc.

Infinite – boundless, endless; very great, many

Injunction – authoritative order; judicial order restraining from specified act, or compelling

Insipid – dull, lifeless; tasteless

Insolent –impertinently insulting

Novelty – newness; new or unusual thing or occurrence

Odious – hateful; repulsive

Parsonage – any (esp. Protestant) clergyman or minister’s house

Patroness –person who gives financial or other support

Persevere – continue steadfastly; persist

Prevail – be victorious; be the more usual or predominant; exist or occur in general use

Probity – uprightness, honesty

Procure – succeed in getting; bring about; obtain for prostitution

Propitious – favourable, auspicious

Proxy – authorisation given to deputy; authorisation to vote on another’s behalf

Rectory – (Anglican Church) clergyman in charge of parish, head priest of religious institution or head of university’s house

Reprehensible – blameworthy

Stout – rather fat, corpulent; thick, strong; brave, resolute

Synonymous – having same meaning ; suggestive of; associated with

Tête-à-tête – private conversation between to people

Wilful – intentional, deliberate; headstrong, obstinate

Chapters 21 – 40

Abhorrence – disgust; detestation

Abound – be plentiful

Adherence – to stick fast; to behave according to; give allegiance

Affront – insult openly; embarrass

Alacrity – briskness; readiness

Approbation – approval, consent

Assert – declare; enforce claim to

Avowal – a formal declaration confession

Benevolent – wishing to do good; kind and helpful; charitable

Boisterous – noisily cheerful; violent, rough

Humor & Irony in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Canvass – solicit votes; ascertain opinions of; seek custom from; propose idea, etc

Circumspect – cautious; taking everything into account

Composure – tranquil manner

Conciliate – make calm; pacify; attempt to bring disputing parties to an agreement

Contrivance – something divised, esp. plan or device; something artificially forced

Controverted – dispute, deny

Defection – the abandoning of one’s country or cause or another

Derive – get or trace from a source

Desponding – depressing

Duplicity – double dealing; deceitfulness

Encumbrance – burden; impediment; mortgage or other charge on property

Endeavour – try, strive

Entail – necessitate or involve unavoidably

Fervent – ardent, intense

Impute – ascribe

Inclination – liking; affection

Incredulous – unwilling to believe; showing disbelief

Indisposed – slightly unwell

Insolence – impertinently insulting

Pecuniary – of or in money

Peruse – read; scan

Perverse – stubbornly or wilfully in the wrong; against the weight of evidence

Profligate – recklessly extravagant; licentious person; dissolute

Rapturous – ecstatically delightful

Refute – prove falsity or error of; rebut by argument; deny or contradict without argument

Remorse – bitter repentance; compunction; mercy

Sally – military rush; excursion; witticism

Simpleton – gullible or stupid person

Solemnity – seriousness and dignity; formality; graving

Solicitation – seeking repeatedly or earnestly; accost as prostitute

Suppress – put an end to; prevent from being seen, heard or known

Thwart – frustrate, foil

Trifle – thing of slight value or importance; small amount

Verdure – green vegetation or its colour

Vindication – clearance of suspicion; establishment of existence, merits or justice of

Chapters 41 – 50

Acquiesce – agree, esp. tacitly; raise no objection

Conjecture – formation of opinion on incomplete information, guessing

Connubial – conjugal; of marriage

Consolatory – alleviated of grief or disappointment

Cordiality – heartfelt; friendliness

Dilatory – given to or causing delay

Elopement – the running away to secretly marry

Exuberance – liveliness, high-spirit; abounding

Fretful – worrying or distressful

Frivolous – not serious, silly, shallow; trifling

Impetuous – acting or done rashly or suddenly; moving violently

Impropriety – indecency; instance of this; incorrectness, unfitness

Infamy – evil; abominable

Lamentation – passionate expression of grief

Licentious – sexually promiscuous

Repugnant – distasteful; contradictory

Sanguine – optimistic; florid or ruddy complexion

Tincture – slight flavour or tinge; medicinal solution of drug in alcohol

Vexation – annoying or distressing thing

Villainous – wicked

Chapters 51 – 60

Abash – embarrass, disconcert

Closure – closed state; procedure for ending debate

Incessant – unceasing, continual, repeated

Inducement – attractive offer; incentive; bribe

Pretension – assertion of clai8m

Sagacity – to show insight or good judgement

Scruples – moral concern; doubt caused by this

Sedate – tranquil; serious

Vestibule – entrance hall, lobby

Vex – annoy, irritate

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