All soldiers in all wars have come up with their own terms and phrases to describe what they do and see.

Blighty/ A Blighty
  • term for England or “old Blighty”
  • a wound that does not kill but is bad enough to get you sent to England (Blighty) for treatment/sent home

The Hun
  • German Soldier – propaganda term adopted by soldiers referring to Attila the Hun and his brutality

  • German Soldier (from French – Allemand)

  • Sausage – referring to dog meat

  • Tea

  • Good or Cool

Clicked It or Caught a Packet
  • Killed

Bully or Bully Beef
  • Canned Meat

  • Written Message

  • Shut Up

  • Body Lice

  • Food Container

  • Shell that fails to explode

  • Grenade

Elephant Dugout
  • Large Safe Dugout/Bunker

Having a Doss/Kip
  • Sleep

Holy Joe
  • Military Chaplain

Hop the Bogs
  • Going over the top

Up Against it
  • In Trouble

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