• Paintings showed nature and peoples feelings
  • Artists studied perspective and used types of form, color, and shape
  • Paintings became more realistic and less religious

ArtistsLeonardo Da Vinci:

  • Born in 1452 in the village of Vinci
  • The most famous works are The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
  • Died in 1519

Michelangelo Buonarroti:

  • Born in Florence in 1475
  • The most famous piece is the giant Statue of David
  • Was a sculptor, architect, and painter


  • Born in 1386 in Firenze
  • His earliest work was the marble statue of David and was known as a patriotic symbol


  • Features of Renaissance buildings include: triangular pediments, square lintels, arches, and domes
  • They used materials such as brick; and the color red became common
  • Elizabethan style included: characteristics of formal structures, transitions from Medieval to Renaissance
  • Jacobean style included: blended Medieval and Renaissance styles, characteristics of formal structures
  • Great Renaissance architects include: Andrew Pallidio, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Fillippo Brunelleschi, and Giacomo da Vignola
  • Renaissance architecture was inspired by the architecture of classical Greece and Rome


  • was very important to the Elizabethans
  • there was Elizabethan church music, court music, town music, and theatre music
  • many people employed musicians as entertainers
  • music became part of plays during this age
  • the ability to play a musical instrument was an essential skill at the court of Queen Elizabeth
  • She herself could play the lute and the virginal which was a tiny piano
  • Queen Elizabeth employed at least 70 musicians and singers.
  • Music was included in many of Shakespeare’s plays

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