• The Buddha chose the symbol of an eight-spoked wheel to represent the path to Nirvana
  • The center of the wheel represents Nirvana, the only fixed point
  • Just like the spokes are needed to let the wheel turn, Buddhists need to follow each step of the path to reach Nirvana
  • Each path is used not individually, but together, as a way of life

1.  Right View

  • We need to understand the 4 Noble Truths to use as guide for life

2.  Right Thought

  • The mind must be freed from sensual desire, ill-will, and cruelty
  • We are what we think, so focus on good thoughts

3.  Right Speech

  • By using right speech, we will be trusted and respected
  • No lying, harsh language, unjust criticism, or gossiping

4.  Right Conduct

  • You are judged by your actions
  • The 5 Precepts – no killing or harming living beings, no stealing, no improper sexual conduct, no lies, no alcohol or drugs

5.  Right Livelihood

  • Earn a living that does not cause harm to living things

6.  Right Effort

  • Conquer all evil thoughts and strive to have good thoughts
  • Do your best at all times and have goodwill to others

7.  Right Mindfulness

  • You must recognise what is important and not let yourself get distracted by un wholesome acts or thoughts
  • Full attention must be paid to proper thoughts, words and deeds

8.  Right Concentration

  • Focus the mind on only one object or thought at a time
  • This concentration leads to true peace of mind and tranquility, and eventually to enlightenment though deep meditation
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