1. Humans are created in the image and likeness of God – Only humans can know and love the creator. God made us all in his liking.

2. Humans are called to happiness and holiness – God has placed the desire for happiness in our hearts. We can find true happiness only in God (the goal of our existence is to be truly happy). God calls us to be holy so we can be happy.

3. Humans are rational and free – We can only understand the Creator, and we can direct ourselves to our true good.

4. Humans are moral beings – Freedom is what makes us different from animals. We do certain things, and our actions are moral; either good or evil.

5. Humans have passions or feelings – Feelings or passions are a passageway between our senses – touch, sight, feel, hear and our mind.

6. Humans are blessed with a conscience – God’s voice in our head is telling us to do well instead of evil at the appropriate moment at the appropriate time.

7. Humans are able to sin (are not perfect) – Sin is against right conscience, truth, and reason. It is an offence against God. We can choose good or evil. Sin is when we fail to love God and our neighbor.

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