Water-Based Paint
-Watercolour, acrylic, ink, dyes, gauche, and tempera media.
-These types need water to create a liquid colour.
-Adding water makes the colour vibrant or more transparent.

Tempera Paint
-Used egg yolk as a binding agent, mixed with coloured pigment to create a fast-drying and permanent medium.
-First known as egg tempera paint.
-Very popular in the 15th century.
-Today, tempera paint uses glue size as a binding agent, also known as poster paint.

Acrylic Paint
-First introduced in the 1950’s as a house paint.
-Can be diluted with water when they come out of the tube.
-Within a short period of time, they dry and become water-resistant.

Oil-Based Paint
-Made by suspending coloured pigment in an oil medium, such as linseed oil.
By the 15th century, many artists preferred this medium to any other type of paint.
It takes a long time to dry, and colours can be combined and mixed while on the surface of the canvas or board.

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