1. Job Shadowing – spending a period of time at work with a person in particular, at a particular job.

2. Volunteering Training Programs – courses for teaching volunteers how to help at particular volunteer placements.

3. Volunteer Co-ordinates – people in charge of placing and monitoring volunteers.

4. Employability Skills – the fundamental, personal management, and team-work skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace.

5. Fundamental Skills – the communication, management, number, thinking, and problem-solving skills needed as a basis for further development.

6. Personal Management Skills – the personal skills, attitudes, and behaviors that drive one’s potential for growth, such as having a positive attitude, being responsible.

7. Teamwork Skills – the way a team acts together to be successful.

8. Problem Solving – different ways to approach problems.

9. Decision Making – to decide on which choice will solve a problem.

10. Time Management – handling how one spends one’s time.

11. Accountability – to accept responsibility for a job done well or a mistake.

12. Conflict Resolution – a problem solving strategy for settling disputes.

13. Human Rights – people’s entitlements to fair treatment and justice.

14. Discrimination – behavior that contradicts the human right that all people are born free and equal.

15. Workers’ Compensation – financial benefits that assists an employer or an employee when a work-related injury or illness occurs.

16. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board – in Ontario, the name of the workers’ compensation agency.

17. Certification – a certificate proving that a person has achieved a course of study or a qualification.

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